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How to Lower YOUR Property Taxes?

It's never been easier to appeal your property assessment

Mid-Atlantic Property Management Solutions, LLC has developed a proven method to reduce your property taxes in Chester County, PA. In as little as two minutes, we can provide you with an estimate of what your property tax assessment could be if you allow us to work with you. You pay Mid-Atlantic nothing until after a sucessful ruling has been issued. Let us show you how to lower YOUR property taxes.

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Find out more about why you should appeal your property taxes.

Lower My Property Taxes

Chester County, PA | FAQs

Mid-Atlantic Property Management can help show you how to lower property taxes in you live in Chester County, PA. Lower my property taxes Chester County, PA with Mid- Atlantic Property Management Solutions. Read the FAQs below about how we can help with your property taxes.

maWhat is the difference between an Interim and an Annual Appeal?

Property owners have an opportunity to appeal their property tax assessment every year. This is called an Annual Appeal. Quite often this is done because the home owner missed the opportunity to apply for an Interim Appeal. You are basically asking the County to re-evaluate your property. In the case of an Annual Appeal, the Board’s decision does not take effect until tax bills are issued the following tax year.

An Interim Appeal is when a change is made to the property, and for most people this is when there is new construction. One of the big differences between an Interim and Annual Appeal is that an Interim Appeal is retroactive to the date of purchasing a new home, if it is new construction and is the first time a home has been assessed. This sometimes requires the local governments to issue refunds for overpaid taxes.

maHow does Mid-Atlantic make money to lower my property taxes Chester County, PA?

Mid-Atlantic charges a fee based on a percentage of the projected first year savings. By charging a percentage of the property tax savings you can be assured that we will do everything we can to get you the best results. Contact Mid-Atlantic Property Management Solutions at (610) 738-8200 and let us help you lower your property taxes.

maWhen can I appeal my Tax Assessment?

There are two different opportunities to appeal your assessment, which are interim and annual appeals. For Interim Appeals, within 40 days of receiving a Tax Assessment Change Notice and Annual appeals may be filed from May 1 through August 1.

maWhen will my lower tax assessment take affect?

Interim: Any change in the assessment due to an interim appeal is effective commencing with the interim effective date. For new construction, the tax relief is typically retroactive to the date of purchasing your new home. For Annual appeals, the Board’s decision does not take effect until tax bills are issued the following tax year.

maCan I request my mortgage company, who escrows my taxes, to reduce my monthly payment?

This is up to your lender. You will receive documentation from the County that there has been a change in your assessment. This could lead to a lower monthly payment.

maI just got one of my tax bills and I am in the middle of appealing my property tax assessment, should I pay the bill?

Yes! Yes! Yes! The property assessment appeals process and tax bills you receive are not issued from the same place. It sometimes takes a little time for the lower assessment to be entered into the tax authorities systems. Always pay your taxes on time regardless of where you are in the appeals process.

maHow soon will we hear back from the Board after our Appeal Hearing?

Typically it takes about 4 weeks to hear back about your property tax appeal.

maHow long does the process take?

Lowering property taxes typically takes about 8-10 weeks depending on the time of year.

Property Tax Appeal Chester County PA


Questions: Interim Appeal Annual Appeal
When can I appeal my property taxes? An Interim Appeal is typically applied for within 40 days of receiving your Tax Assessment Change Notice. Appeals can be heard anytime during the year, but the application must be received by the Assessment Office within 40 days of the change notice. An Annual Property Tax Appeal Chester County, PA can only be applied for between May 1 and August 1.
When will my reduced Property Tax Assessment be effective? Typically Interim Appeals are done as a result of a higher than desired assessment on new construction or when a permit required change is made to the property. Once the Board issues a reduction, it is retroactive to the purchase date of the home for new construction. Annual Property Tax Appeal results are taken into consideration for the following tax period. For Local and County governments, this is quite often the first of the year if they operate on a calendar year. For School taxes the reduction in property taxes will be reflected the following year when new tax bills are issued.
Will I get a refund as a result of my over assessment? Maybe. For new construction, the local taxing agencies will issue refunds only if overpayments were made. No. Since the new assessment takes affect for the following tax period, no refunds will be issued.
Is there an application fee? $25.00 $25.00

As property tax consultants in Chester County, we can help lower your property taxes and save you money. Read FAQs about how to lower property taxes with Mid-Atlantic Property Management Solutions.

Top Reason for Property Tax Appeal

  • Mid-Atlantic assists in all necessary paperwork.
  • We meet with you at your home to discuss the process of how to appeal YOUR property taxes.
  • We prepare all of the necessary proof to help the Board make a decision.
  • We provide you with an upfront estimate of your potential savings with a property tax appeal.
  • You pay Mid-Atlantic a one-time fee when we are successful, based on a percentage of the estimated first year savings.
  • Savings on your taxes continues for years to come.
  • Mid-Atlantic has successfully appealed 100% of its property tax appeal cases in Chester County, PA.
  • Mid-Atlantic, property tax appeal on average, reduced savings by 30%.
  • Reduction in taxes increases your property value.
  • It's your money - soon to be your local government's money unless you do something about it.

Contact Mid Atlantic Property Management Solutions today and find out how we can help appeal your property assessment.

Get the FAQs about how to lower my property taxes.

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Save Money and Learn How to Appeal Property Taxes

Mid-Atlantic Property Management Solutions can show you how to lower property taxes and how to appeal property taxes Chester County, PA. If you have ever wondered how to lower your property taxes, then we have the solutions to save you money. Property taxes are not set in stone, so we can show you the right options on how to appeal property taxes and where to get started. Find out the top reasons for property tax appeal Chester County. Contact us today and find out how to lower and appeal property taxes.

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